“This Is What Black Burnout Feels Like”

Black women have had to rely on wizardry to make it through this tumultuous life. We must harness magic to succeed and thrive through this bullshit. After all burnout for black millennials is not just tiresome, but deadlyTiana Clark from “This Is What Black Burnout Feels Like

When I stumbled across this article a few years ago, this passage resonated to me. It may focus on millennials but it speaks to most Black women, including older ones like me.  

How we continue to succeed though we often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders…

The level of stress and burnout that we go through…

How we can get ish done and keep going without missing a beat…

Like I read somewhere – if you want to get something done, give it to Black woman and she’ll figure it out (think Stacey Abrams).

In my early twenties during my second university degree, I remember getting into a conversation with a guy living in my dorm. I don’t remember how we got onto the topic but I do remember him complaining about something foolish enough for me to explain that the life of a Black women was, at a minimum, three times harder than his.

His privileged existence wouldn’t allow him to understand that as humans, we are all born into the world with at least one strike against us but that as a Black woman, issues of racism and sexism triple our challenges.  

It was clear that he was choosing to not understand what I was saying and since I’ve never had time for fools (unless I have time to waste), I wasn’t about to waste my precious breath on him.

That conversation was almost 30 years ago, back when we as a collective didn’t talk about or even consider our stress as…stress.

But I’m happy that in these modern millennial times, more and more of us are speaking out about these challenges and taking self-care more seriously, no matter how much others try to turn a deaf ear.

This Is What Black Burnout Feels Like” is a good article to read. It even mentions one of my favorite podcasts, “Therapy For Black Girls.”

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