no apologies

Apologizing when you are not to blame, swallowing your pain and walking on eggshells may keep the peace but only for a little while.

The only peace they will ever feel is when you fall to pieces at their feet. And though you may think it best to just take what is being given, to remain on the floor, or melt into the decor for the sake of peace, you’re teaching them how to treat you, reinforcing their behavior towards you.

You may have been weak and foolish enough to have let them have power over you time and time again but you know better now, don’t you?

Somewhere along the way, you realized that continuing in your same path will drain you and then eventually kill you.

It can be a slow process but at least you’re aware and wise enough now to know that working in stealth is the only way to win back your power.

Choose yourself and don’t ever second guess that choice.

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