a Black woman’s world

Where hateful words, malicious behavior and utter foolishness are often commonplace, tolerated and accepted.

Where those who should defend us simply add fuel to the fire and let us burn, all the while expecting us to be ready and willing to be their soft place to land, over, over and over again.

Where those who appropriate our likeness are placed on a pedestal and praised for their altered beauty while we are mocked for what has always been organically natural to us.

Where the ever-moving invisible bar is set just high enough for us to not stumble over or is just low enough to obediently limbo under just as they wait for the perfect time to pull the rug from under us.

Where reaching a strange mélange of power and jealousy creates a mindset that there is no room at the top for more than one of use at the same time.

Where the covert underbelly sits back and nourishes themselves on the chaos and dark energy that keeps from progressing forward without them.

But the joke is on all of them.

Though we were built strong and made to last, we are women, first and foremost.

Our feminine selves, the part of us they never wanted us to know, the part we never knew we were allowed to embrace, that is where our true power hides.

No more catch 22s. No more believing their self-serving lies. No more double standards.

Just as we always have, we will always rise to the top, no matter how much they try to distract us. It’s taken a while and it’s been a struggle, but we know the game and more than prepared to play with your rules.

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